A Letter from the principal

  Syracuse High School Community, It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2018-19 school year and to an amazing year at Syracuse High School. I am thrilled to be serving as the Principal of Syracuse High School. My hopes for this school year are to help all students surpass their potential as learners, excel in social development, grow a healthy self-confidence, and foster … Continue reading A Letter from the principal

Syracuse City Arts Council

Thank you to everyone who attended, participated in, or supported Hairspray the Musical. It was a huge success, and we are overwhelmed by the amount of community support given to that production. The Symphony Orchestra have begun rehearsals for their fall concert. If you would like more information on how you can join, please email orchestra@syracuseutaharts.org We are excited to announce that our first junior … Continue reading Syracuse City Arts Council

Flu Season is coming! Get your Vaccine

The Davis County Health Department has the Seasonal Flu Vaccine. The seasonal flu vaccine is recommended for: • People 6 months of age and older • Pregnant women • People of any age with certain chronic medical conditions (heart disease; kidney disease; lung diseases like asthma; metabolic diseases like diabetes; blood disorders like anemia; a weakened immune system caused, for example, by cancer or cancer … Continue reading Flu Season is coming! Get your Vaccine

A Insurance Sewer Backup – “It” Happens more than you think!

When you shop for Insurance for your home, it’s good to anticipate all of the headaches that can go along with homeownership. One of the nastiest you may face is a sewer backup. The potential for damage from sewer backups is something everyone should consider. When sewage flows into your home, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage. The Insurance Information Institute says that typical … Continue reading A Insurance Sewer Backup – “It” Happens more than you think!

Up-Sized Water Tanks

Syracuse City is investing in its water system. We are upsizing both the culinary water tank and the secondary water tank. The culinary water tank will be upsized to a three-million-gallon tank and its current one-million-gallon tank will be converted into a secondary water tank. This improvement will help as Syracuse City continues to grow and allow everyone to gain access to water they need. … Continue reading Up-Sized Water Tanks

Youth Sports: Parks and Recreation

Youth sports Jr. Jazz Basketball Registration dates: 1st Session August 1- October 6 Divisions: Itty Bitty Hoops (boys and girls Kindergarten Only), 1st grade boys and girls, 2nd grade boys and girls, 3rd/4th grade girls, 5th/6th grade girls *Leagues will begin the end of October and run until mid-December. 2nd Session: August 1 – November 10 Divisions: 3rd grade boys, 4th grade boys, 5th grade … Continue reading Youth Sports: Parks and Recreation

Skating into the Sunset

Don’t believe everything you hear about skate parks. A skate park doesn’t always have the best reputation. If you look at any representation in the media, you can see that both the kids and the park are represented by kids who are disrespectful and unkind. The Syracuse Skate Park is different, allowing kids – good kids– to gather together and hone their skills. Councilman Dave … Continue reading Skating into the Sunset

Embarrasing Moment: A beached whale with striped legs

Part I.  The Tan Early in our marriage, Ryan worked for Cutco Cutlery as a sales person and manager. We love that product. Ryan was an amazing sales person for them and we were rewarded with some really cool trips (Rome, Italy – Barcelona, Spain – Honolulu, Hawaii). In March of 2003 we went on the Hawaii trip while I was five months pregnant with … Continue reading Embarrasing Moment: A beached whale with striped legs