Community Question Corner

By Paul Roberts, City Attorney

Winter Parking

Question: What are the winter parking rules in Syracuse, and is there anything that can be done to clear the roads more quickly?

Answer: Whenever snow falls in Syracuse, our Public Works Department has a big job to do. With over 100 miles of road and over 250 cul-de-sacs to clear (requiring multiple plow passes for each one), we need your help to keep the plows moving as quickly as possible.

Parking vehicles off of the road makes a huge difference, and it’s the law. Our plows slow down or stop for vehicles parked on the road, and some vehicles prevent us from accessing service areas. This year, city staff has been directed to be more assertive in its enforcement of this law. Vehicles or trailers found in violation of the code will be ticketed; repeat offenders may be towed.

We have not banned winter on-street parking entirely, so if the weather and roads are clear, feel free to have your guests use the street for parking. But if snow is falling or we are still removing snow (which takes about 18 hours for the entire City), you will need to make other arrangements. Overnight parking is discouraged, because snow may fall overnight, and we may be servicing your street before you can move your car. Help us help you! Park off-street.

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