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Syracuse City Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence”

In order to recognize outstanding students and athletes in Syracuse, the Community and Economic Development Department have developed the Syracuse City Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence. This monthly award recognizes the outstanding performance of male and female students who excel in athletics, arts and/or academics. The individuals selected for this award will be identified by Syracuse City in partnership with representatives from local elementary, junior high, and high schools.


Jackson Lucas

Buffalo Point Elementary

Jackson is very kind. He is honest and cares about doing the right thing. Jackson works hard in class and strives to do his best. Jackson works hard to make sure he never has missing assignments. He is on time to class, gets along with others and is very respectful.  

Jackson is a great example of what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. Jackson is a great student and excels at everything he puts his mind to. Jackson is truly an amazing young man!

~ Emily Manscill 6th Grade Teacher Buffalo Point Elementary



Maisie Merino

Buffalo Point Elementary

Maisie is an outstanding student in many ways. She is a hard worker and always does her personal best with whatever she is working on. If she doesn’t understand something she will persevere until she does. One of my favorite things about Maisie is how kind and caring she is. She also notices when another student needs help and will offer to help them out. She never gets frustrated when she is helping someone, but is very patient. Maisie is also a fantastic soccer player and is able to balance her soccer practices with her schoolwork. I never see Maisie without a smile on her face. She is a friend to everyone. She is truly an outstanding student. Maisie is unique in that if she is struggling with something she doesn’t give up. For example, sometimes she has a hard time understanding our new way of doing math. Instead of giving up, she is determined to ask questions and get help until she has a clear understanding of the concept. Another unique attribute about Maisie is the fact that I have never heard her say a mean comment about anyone. Maisie is involved in soccer. She is an excellent player and plays on a comp team. Maisie also received the Student of the Month award in September at Buffalo Point Elementary for being an outstanding student. Maisie has received excellent grades on her report cards.

~ Jayne Barton 4th Grade Teacher Buffalo Point Elementary





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