Students Of the Month


Gavin Reynolds

Syracuse Junior High

Gavin is an outstanding student. In an email sent to teachers of ninth grade students, many teachers stated what a positive influence Gavin has had on our school since enrolling at Syracuse Junior High this year. As reported by Mrs. Stone: “Gavin is independent. He does not require the approval of others and is his own person. He digs in when school gets tough, he is honest about his abilities and a great help to many of his peers. Gavin has been cast as Prince Charming in our school play The Brothers Grimm. Quite a few girls are excited about this.”

Gavin is also looking forward to being a member our Syracuse Junior High’s wrestling team. Last summer he spent time at a Junior Leadership Summit and is an active member of his local scouting group. Gavin was the Student Council President of his previous school and maintains a 4.0 grade point average


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