Fun Ways to Say “I love you”

Fun Ways to Say “I love you”

For Couples

♥ Make a special dinner for two and eat it by candle light

♥ Clean the house

♥ Dinner and Movie (When Ryan watches an entire chick flick with me I always feel loved!!!)

♥ Flowers

♥ Go for a walk and hold hands

♥ Volunteer together

♥ Drive to the top of the mountain & go star gazing with lots of blankets to snuggle under.

♥ Watch the sunrise + breakfast date

♥ Pretend your electricity went out & spend the evening relaxing by the fire & reading or playing games in the candlelight (no phones or electronics). 

♥ Visit your favorite museum or aquarium & afterwards enjoy some local cuisine.

♥ Hide little love letters around your home for your special someone.

♥ Mini Golf (If the snow is gone)

For the Family

♥ Make sugar cookies!!! See page 30

♥ Make a special dinner (your family’s favorite)

♥ Make a yummy breakfast (french toast, sausages, juice or strawberry milk)

♥ A box of chocolates for each kid (Ryan does that and our kids love it).

♥ Game night! Quality time as a family.

♥ Movie Marathon (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Disney, chick flicks (sorry guys),Narnia, etc).

♥ Fondue Night (my mom made this for us on Valentines’ Day)

♥ Bowling

♥ Daddy daughter dates (in February)

Acts of Service

♥ When I was a young girl living in St.George we loved leaving goodies on friends and family’s doorsteps, knock and run. Those that were receiving the goody would try to catch those leaving the treat. We caught my uncle up a tree one year trying to hide from us. It was lots of fun!!!

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