Christmas delivery

What were you doing at 2:20 AM Christmas morning? Were you still wrapping gifts? Maybe you found yourself finally in bed, or maybe you had been sleeping for hours. Santa was still making his deliveries. At the Rupert home, a special delivery was on its way, but not from Santa.

Amy woke that morning at 1:00 am feeling contractions, but they were still too far apart. She got in the shower for pain relief. An hour after getting in the shower, their bundle of joy was born. 8 lbs 6 oz and 20.5 in long born entirely unassisted. Amy would describe it as “an incredible experience.” The Syracuse fire department responded to the call making sure all was well and transporting Amy to the hospital.

“The fire department was amazing. They came in and were so kind. They shoveled snow, dealt with the difficulties of a tiny home and even cleaned off Henry’s car so he could follow Amy to the hospital. They were truly a blessing.” To those who made the sacrifice to be in the fire station that Christmas morning the Rupert family says they are grateful.

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