Employee Spotlight-Jory Rochell

As the Park Maintenance Crew Leader, Jory supervises seasonal mowing crews, repairs and maintains park and landscaping equipment, and works on sprinkler systems throughout the City’s park system. He is always looking for ways to improve our parks and seeking ways to be more efficient. For example, he recently completed the Playground Safety Inspector Course, passed a difficult test, and is now a Certified Playground Safety Inspector. By accomplishing this, the City will be able to better ensure our playgrounds are up to National Safety Standards, and most importantly, protect our young citizens from hazards. The City will also save money by not having to contract a Playground Safety Inspector to evaluate our playgrounds. In November, Jory was awarded the Employee of the Month award for his efforts. He says his favorite part of his job is he does something new and different every day, so he never gets bored. In his free time, Jory likes hunting, boating, and fishing.

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