Precious Pet – Indiana Jones (Indy)


What a life this pretty girl has… We are talking about the dog of course. Indiana Jones (Indy) has been part of our family for 6 years. She came to us from a family member who named her Indiana Jones before realizing that she was a girl.  We decided to keep her name and she has been known as Indy ever since. She has been such a good dog. Apparently she is a ‘designer dog’ part schnauzer, yorkie and toy poodle or schnorkiepoo. My husband calls her a mutt. The best part is that she doesn’t shed. She is more like a cat then a dog in that she likes to nap lots through out the day and usually sleeps in till about 9. She doesn’t like to play fetch though she loves having someone pet her and will sit for hours at a time just getting touched and rubbed. We and our 5 children love having Indy in our family. We love our Indy girl.


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