MaidPro Business Spotlight

After six years of serving in the Air Force and spending time at Hill Air Force base, Preston and Kassitty Knight had to make a choice: take a transfer out of the country, or retire from military life and move into civilian life. Preston was an air traffic controller and had experienced a fascinating career in the Air Force. He had been at Hill Air Force Base when the military switched over from the F-16 to the new and improved F-35 fighter jets. He also loved when he was able to serve as Commanding Officer in Charge over the 2014 Air Show at Hill.

Preston had received his bachelor’s degree while in the Air Force and had decided to go to law school, moving the family to Phoenix for a year. Missing Utah, the Knights decided to transfer to the University of Utah and purchase a franchise to provide for their family. After looking into several options, they came across MaidPro, a house cleaning service that they loved. Realizing what a great service it is for people, the Knights invested and opened their MaidPro business on Antelope Dr.

MaidPro started 25 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, by a man who had hired a cleaning service to come and clean his house. Unfortunately, the cleaner came to his home and decided to lock his cat in the closet with his collection of fine Italian leather shoes. After that horror story, he founded MaidPro which focuses on top to bottom cleaning and service. They are licensed and bonded. This means if, heaven forbid, your cleaner knocks over your flat screen TV mistakenly, MaidPro is insured to make sure they can make you whole again. This is well worth the extra investment over the private, uninsured cleaner.

MaidPro “Pros” are trained in top to bottom cleaning, hitting places where very few cleaners ever really get clean. They utilize a 49 point cleaning checklist, here are some of the unique places they clean in addition to all the “normal” areas: fingerprints removed from all woodwork, doorframes and switch plates; the space between the back of the toilet and the wall; picture frames dusted; baseboards dusted; ceiling fans dusted; and furniture not only dusted on top and on the front but underneath too! Sounds like an awesome service.

One of the coolest things they do is keep their cleaning rags color coordinated so that there is no cross-contamination—especially coming from the bathroom. Plus all of the chemicals they use are non-toxic, making them kid and pet friendly.

Preston said his favorite part of the business so far is the impact he has seen on their service pros. Because of being able to have steady work, he has seen their lives improve and their confidence increase. He believes in not offering minimum wage work. He likes paying a fair wage and is willing to pay well for good people.

Preston and Kassitty are proud parents of a twelve year-old son named Garrett and a ten year-old daughter named Brooklyn. Garrett loves playing soccer and Brooklyn loves dancing; they are both learning to play the piano as well. The family also has two awesome mini schnauzers.

We invite you to visit their page at to learn more. We are glad they have decided to support the magazine and be part of our community. Thank you MaidPro!

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