Hug Hes Cafe

Last month my family and I visited relatives in Utah to spend New Year’s with them. There was a large group of us and we found ourselves on Friday night wanting to go out to dinner (since most of us had prepared holiday meals and didn’t want to cook).  On my uncle’s recommendation, we went to try a nearby restaurant called Hug-Hes Cafe.  We gave them notice that we needed a table for fourteen and it was waiting when we arrived.  The restaurant was busy (always a good sign), clean and our server was friendly.  The interior contained mostly booths and was a reflection of a modern diner.  Our table of diners ranged from age seven to teenagers plus parents and we ordered a wide assortment of dishes that included the Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo pasta, Prime Rib Sandwich, French Dip, Clam Chowder, Beer Battered Fish and Chips and the Blue Cheese Bacon Burger.  We heard that the Pasta Salad is a popular item, so two of my family ordered it as a side with their meal.  Our server was prompt, kept our drinks refilled and answered all of our questions while we waited for our dinner to arrive.

Four of the kids in our group had split two Fettuccine Chicken Alfredo as it was a good size portion.  The popular pasta salad came in a dish with the dressing separate, something I liked because sometimes pasta salads are overdressed.  The dressing had a sweet, tangy flavor that went great with the salad.  The Prime Rib Sandwich was eaten with not one crumb left, and compliments from my sixteen year old son.  The Clam Chowder was eaten by two in our party and both said it was yummy.  The Blue Cheese Bacon Burger could easily have fed two people with two patties and a large amount of bacon.

Our family really loves food: eating it, cooking it and trying new dishes, so there was much sampling and tasting of each other’s plates. Everyone left with full stomachs and happy taste buds. The cafe also sells freshly baked items in the front of the restaurant and my uncle purchased a variety of baked goods to eat later.  The most popular one was the pink frosted sugar cookie; soft and delicious.  They do have other dessert items including a beer bread pudding that I am excited to try next time I’m in town, along with the Mahi-Mahi burger.

So next time you want a restaurant with a wide variety of menu items and you need a night off of cooking, stop by. You won’t be disappointed! 

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