Miss Syracuse Pageant

Calling all young women in Syracuse! Come be a part of something that can change your life! The Miss Syracuse Pageant teaches self confidence, interview skills, creating a resume, service in your community and getting to know your local government leaders. You will make friends and create memories that will last a lifetime. We have eliminated the Swimsuit Competition and added a Community Service Project. Over $6,000 in cash and scholarships are awarded! Applications are available Feb. 5 – Mar. 30 at the Community Center, Jr. High and High School offices. Teens (ages 14-17) and Miss (ages 17-22).

Orientation meeting: March 22nd at 7:00pm at the Syracuse Community Center. Come get your questions answered and bring a friend!

Pageant: June 23rd at Syracuse High.

For questions please email Shelly Thorne at misssyracusepageant@gmail.com, find us on Facebook or at our website Misssyracusepageant.weebly.com

Community Question Corner

Secondary Water Charges

Question:  Is our City budget process like the federal government’s?  How can citizens participate?

Answer:   Thankfully, our process is nothing like Washington’s.  Our City Council makes budgeting decisions for the entire fiscal year, which runs from July to June.  The process began last year, when the Council discussed priorities for the upcoming budget.

Based on the direction given by councilmembers during that meeting, the Mayor will prepare a draft budget for the Council, which will be available for public review in mid-March.  We are holding a day-long budget meeting on March 23, and all are welcome to attend.  The Council will make final budget decisions after public hearings in June.

The Council loves citizen input!  You may give public comment on the budget in any City Council meeting, participate in the June public hearings, or share your ideas with our elected officials.  The earlier in the process, the better.  Have an idea for a park, a request for a streetlight, or a way to help the City run efficiently?  Come participate!

For a fun look at some big projects in our current budget, check out Syracuse’s Youtube video, created in collaboration with Syracuse High.

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