Secondary Water

Clean your filters and have your valves turned off prior to April 15th. We hope to have the system to full pressure by April 18, 2018. Please call Public Works if you do not have secondary water by the 20th. There may be a delay in receiving secondary water if your area is involved in road construction. 

What is an illicit discharge? 

The EPA defines it as,”any discharge into a storm drain system that is not composed entirely of storm water”.

Some examples of an illicit discharge:

Improper disposal of yard debris, over fertilizing, blowing grass clippings, and or leaves

Improper disposal of auto and household toxics, such as motor oil, fuel, cleaning solutions and pesticides

Sediment from land disturbance activities, landscaping, tree removal, gardening, construction

Vehicle or equipment wash water  like soaps, chemicals, mud and dirt

All of these things should stay out of the storm drains. Lets all do our part, and remember, Only rain down the storm drain.

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