Striving for Resiliency in Syracuse

Imagine for a moment, a major event occurring in our area, be it an earthquake, flood, or Colossus shutting down at Lagoon. The latter being the most catastrophic, right?

Contrary to what we see in movies, for the most part, we tend to step up when things go sideways to help our neighbors after making sure our own family is safe.

One of the challenges we can face, however, is getting word out to others that we are safe, or if we need help—especially if normal methods of communication are out of order, like the phones.

Recently, with Hurricane Harvey, the phones went out and 911 services became overloaded. Yet, because of plans in place, an alternative support system was activated to help convey critical messages to first responders so services could be sent.

This month, our City will be conducting its annual practice of our City’s Disaster Response Plan, more specifically, communication flow from the resident to the City’s Emergency Operation Center (EOC). This will be happening on April 21st between 9 am and noon.

The purpose of the annual exercise is to work toward reducing the time it takes to return things back to normal for everyone when a major event occurs.

April 21st Disaster Response Drill Schedule

At 9:45 am, a test of the Code Red (which calls you in case of emergency) will be performed. Syracuse uses Code Red to communicate emergency “flash” type messages to any phone a resident has registered. If you have not registered your home or mobile phone with Code Red, you can do so by visiting the City’s website at 

At 10:00 am, the “air raid” siren will be sounded at the Fire Station. This will signify the start of the practice exercise.

• Social Media notifications will be placed

• Block Captains will begin checking in with Area and District Coordinators.

• The City Emergency Response Communications (ERC) network will be started so District Coordinators can check in with the City.

• Syracuse CERT will be activated to report to the Community Center. If you are CERT trained and registered with the City, we ask that you grab your pack and come join us if you can. A text will be sent to remind you.

• City leaders will be participating in the practice at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

We should be finished up around 12pm.

For more detailed information and to find out who your Area Coordinator is, you can reach out to your District Coordinator. We’ve made it easy for you, if you are not certain who that is. On the map, locate where you live to identify the District you are in.

Syracuse Districts:

Syracuse District – Judy Meservey

Bluff District – Patrick Carroll

Legacy Park District – Lance Davenport

South District – Bryan Seeley

West District – Lane Smith

Thank you for being a part of this as we work toward becoming more resilient as a community.

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