Magazine Costs

Community Question Corner

Question: Nothing is free. What is this new magazine costing us?

Answer:   Now that the magazine is in full swing, it costs about the same as the single-page, monochrome newsletters you used to receive with your utility bill. The magazine costs Syracuse ten cents per copy (including postage).

Advertising offsets the overall cost of printing and postage, which is facilitated by Connection Publishing, a publishing company located in North Ogden.

For three months, while advertisers were being solicited, the City did pay pre-negotiated “buy-in” costs totaling $9,500. But now that those are in the past, our fee is fixed at ten cents per magazine. The newsletter printing and folding costs for the old publication were approximately the same.

Our elected officials chose this route because we can get more information to our citizens each month, with a higher-quality, full-color product. Plus, members of the community can submit articles in the community section; tell us about your precious pets, community history, or recreation opportunities.  You can also submit recipes or artwork.

Ultimately, the city administration believes that the magazine is worth every penny—or every ten pennies, in this case.

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