Precious Pets


Argon & Xenon

Bonnie and Brent Bourgeous have two golden retrievers. Argon and Xenon, the brother and sister duo, love to go on adventures with the Bourgeous family. Bonnie and Brent’s son, Kyler, loves taking them on his hikes over to Antelope Island. He also takes them backpacking with him. The dogs even carry their own doggie backpacks with water and dog food. 

Lately, Argon hasn’t been up for carrying his backpack because he has hip dysplasia. Because of this, he has a hard time going up and down steep trails. 

Argon and Xenon love being around each other but they also fight like siblings do. Xenon frequently beats up on her brother but he takes it pretty well. 

Bonnie and Brent’s grandson Keedan also loves the dogs. When he comes over, the dogs perk right up because they know they’re going to get treats when he drops food from his highchair. 

Once, the Bourgeous’ left a package of cookies on the middle of the counter. When they came home, they noticed that the cookies were gone, yet the package was still perfectly centered on the counter. There was a trail of cookie crumbs leading to the floor. So, the dogs had been sneaking the cookies but tried to arrange the package so that it looked untouched. 

Bonnie says, “Even though the family was mad at me when we first got the puppies, our dogs are now a part of the family and we couldn’t imagine life without them.”  

She adds that dogs are truly man’s best friend. She says Xenon and Argon are great companions and the most loyal friends you will ever have. 

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