Community Question Corner – Our culinary water rates have increased. Why?

Answer: The City Council rate increase addresses three issues: (1) rate increases from Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, (2) paying for necessary City infrastructure projects, and (3) equitably requiring higher fees from those using more water.

Each year, the City is assessed a fee from the District for culinary water. Beginning in 2017, the District began increasing their fees; the increases are scheduled to continue through 2022. To remain solvent and have funds to cover its own projects, the City needed to pass through that rate increase to users.

The City’s culinary system needs upgrades – and in some cases, replacement. The increases will help fund a new culinary water tank that the City plans to build within the next few years. And the replacement of old pipes is continuously completed in conjunction with road projects.

Finally, those who use more water must pay more into the system. The additional tier below 4,000 gallons is designed to help those who use less water bear a smaller fee increase.

In short, the decision to restructure and raise the rates addresses District fee increases, capital projects, and water conservation.

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