Precious Pets – Bear and Toby

These two beloved pets take very 

good care of their family.

Bear came to us shortly after our daughter was stillborn. To say he’s been a blessing to our family is an understatement because he brought us joy during a time when we weren’t capable of feeling it on our own. He’s become a skilled therapy dog and is notorious for seeking out people who are feeling stressed or anxious and sitting next to them so they can fluff his fur and scratch his ears. It’s as if he knows his calling in life is to absorb everyone’s stresses. When our son broke his arm, Bear didn’t leave his side until he was able to get up and walk around on his own.

Toby is our playful, spunky, courageous dog whose lot in life is to be our constant protector and shadow. He learned how to climb a ladder when he was only a few months old because he desperately needed a way to get onto the trampoline to be with his buddies (our boys). Two winters ago, we sent Toby to a friend’s house in Tooele for some additional training. Our friend took him to the mountains where after a certain amount of time letting him run, she couldn’t locate him. She searched for hours, but couldn’t find him. We feared the worst, and as we were driving down to start a search of our own, he miraculously appeared at her doorstep, to a home he was unfamiliar with from mountains he’d never set a paw on. He knew how to get back to us. Bear and Toby are ardently loved members of our family.

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