A Insurance Agency-Owning a Home Safe and what to store in it

If you don’t own a home safe, it might be time to make the purchase. Not only can they help reduce the risk of theft of valuables or family heirlooms, they can also protect special documents. A home safe is priceless when the unexpected occurs. Documents and valuables can be kept out of harm’s way should you ever experience a home fire or burglary. These reasons alone should be a good motive to invest in a home safe.

Where should you place your home safe? Make sure the safe you buy is heavy enough so a burglar could not easily walk away with it. If you can, bolt it to the floor or install it into a wall. It might work to place in a unique place that would not easily be found unless you are using it daily such as in an office. Don’t fall into the habit of not using it because it is not convenient.

Some additional things to consider when finding a place for your safe is the size of the safe. Safes that are very heavy and require a hand truck to move should be placed on the ground floor. Safes that can be moved with a couple of people are okay to have on the second floor. If your main concern is fire, you should try to place your safe on a cement slab. The safe should also have a smoke rating, meaning smoke can’t get into it. Smoke can destroy documents just as easily as fire.

Now that you have a safe and have it stored safely, here are twelve items you should absolutely store in your home safe:

• Passports, original birth certificates, marriage/divorce papers, social security cards

• Cash

• Wills or other important legal documents

• Valuable watches or jewelry

• SD cards, important computer back up discs or other electronics that are important, but you may not use on a weekly basis

• Annual tax returns

• Small firearms (if you have a big gun safe even better for larger items)

• Spare car keys and titles to all vehicles

• Important papers regarding bank accounts, retirement or other investments

Investing in a safe today can save you from a major headache in the future. While owning a safe is important, having the right home insurance policy is just as valuable. For all insurance questions, call the A Insurance Agencies. We have years of experience and will help you find the best coverage for your needs, because coverage counts!

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