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Local orthodontist Brett Coleman knows first hand about braces, he had to wear his for five years as a younger child.

Some kids and adults have complicated orthodontic problems and very crooked teeth! Local Orthodontist Brett Coleman was one of those kids. He had to wear braces on his teeth for nearly five years to straighten things out. You would think that would discourage him from braces forever … but it didn’t. In fact, Brett had such a good experience with his orthodontist and his staff that he decided he wanted to go into the profession himself. He even patterned his practice after the practice that helped him when he was young. He trains his staff to emulate the staff that he appreciated when he was a patient. One of the main goals at Coleman Orthodontics is to help their patients have a remarkable and memorable orthodontic experience. They also focus on high-quality work that will look nice and function properly when treatment is completed.

When Dr. Coleman built his current office several years ago, he wanted it to be a place where his patients and their families could feel at home while there for their appointments. That comfortable, relaxed feeling is present from the minute you walk into their office. They feature a kids play area, a homework counter with laptop hookups, complimentary WiFi and an iPad bar.

Dr. Coleman treats children, teens and adults alike. Many adults and teens enjoy having Invisalign® which is orthodontic treatment using clear plastic aligners that move teeth like braces do. This treatment method is becoming more popular as patients can keep a professional appearance while straightening their teeth at the same time.

Another focus Dr. Coleman has is to assist in the early development of younger children. Many younger children have breathing problems that can be attributed to a small airway. A small airway can affect proper jaw growth and development leading to problems with healthy sleep patterns and alignment of the erupting permanent teeth. It is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists that children 7 years of age have an orthodontic consultation. Not all young kids at this age need orthodontic treatment, but those who do can benefit greatly from this service.

Orthodontists go to dental school just like general or family dentists do. Once they become dentists, they continue with their education in an orthodontic residency program. This residency program takes 2-3 years to complete and is focused entirely on growth and development of the face and the treatment of orthodontic problems. Upon completing this residency program, the dentist then becomes an orthodontic specialist or “orthodontist”. Orthodontists limit their practices to the treatment of orthodontic related problems. This is the only focus in their offices every day.

Dr. Coleman attended Weber State University followed by dental school at the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. While there, he completed his four-year Dental Degree as well as his orthodontic residency program. He started his orthodontic practice here in Syracuse in 2002.

Dr. Coleman and his wife Andreya have four children ranging in ages from 12 to 19 years old. Their family enjoys sports like baseball, golf and soccer as well as waterskiing and snowskiing. They also enjoy traveling together.

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