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Who do we call for concerns with animals?

Answer:  Lost cat? Noisy dog next door?

For most animal concerns, contact Davis County Animal Control at (801) 444-2200. The County provides this service to our community by contract.

Davis County Animal Services handles: pet licensing, adoption, microchipping, and spaying/neutering; lost, loose, or attacking animals; feral cats; excessive barking; and unlawfully keeping wild animals. They even help with racoons and skunks. Fees and other information are posted on their website at

Questions regarding other wild animals (deer, snakes, waterfowl, etc.) should go to the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources at (801) 538-4700.

Households are limited to two dogs and four cats. Farm animals are kept by many residents; the number allowed depends upon the size and zoning of their property. Report concerns regarding an excessive number of animals to Syracuse Code Enforcement at (801) 825-1477.

Please remember: never leave your animal in the car unattended, and keep your dogs on leashes in parks and on trails.

The cost of providing animal services in Syracuse is split 50/50 with the county. Last year, the cost to the City for animal control was about $62,000.

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