Lion’s Club Projects

As the Mayor mentions in his letter this month on page 3 of the magazine, the Lions Club has contributed much to our community.

Here are some highlights over the last 67 years:

1953 Constructed a tennis court for Syracuse residents on school grounds. Also plowed, tilled and planted forty acres of ground for a resident of Syracuse, who was severely burned in an electrical accident.

1957-58 Constructed bleachers and backstops for the baseball diamond. Sponsored a city-wide Christmas lighting contest with prizes awarded to residents.

1966 Sponsored a City Clean-up Day and assisted elderly people in cleaning their yards.

Sponsored eye operations for two people for the restoration of their eye sight.

1978 The Club collected, packed and shipped 5,000 pairs of used eye glasses to the Philippines. Erected three “Entering Syracuse City” signs on major roads entering Syracuse.

1989 Financed and erected a beautiful flag display at the City Cemetery for display on Memorial Day and other special occasions.

1997 Starting in 1997 sponsored an annual Christmas Party dinner for Seniors and disabled residents of Syracuse. This event is held in early December of each year.

2001 Financed and installed a Chimes Clock near City Hall

Most recently, the Lions Club has provided:

Chairs and tables for the Community Center

A ramp for a Syracuse citizen

Sound system for the Parks and Rec Dpt.

A drinking fountain and bench for Chloe’s Sunshine Playground

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