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Question: Why is the City watering its parks during the day?

Answer:  Certainly, watering during nighttime hours is more efficient and will better care for your lawn. So why does the City water many of its parks during the day? There are two practical reasons.

First, our parks require a lot of water – and consequently a lot of pressure – to adequately irrigate our fields. And these parks usually about residential subdivisions who also need to water their lawns at night. While most of our residents are watering their lawns, the pressure decreases. We water what we can during the night, but there are some parks that require the system’s full pressure to avoid drying out.

Second, our larger parks have tons of watering stations. While a large residential yard may have four or five stations to cover the area, it takes far more to water our larger fields. For instance, at Founders Park, we have fifty-five stations, which takes about 24 hours to water in total.

Considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars it has taken to develop these parks, the City will do its best to preserve them.

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