Kids Activities:Monday Fun Day

This is a such great activity for those hot days when it’s too hot to be outside but you don’t want your kids sitting in front of electronics all day. My son Grey’s favorite part of this was hammering the nails into the board. It is simple and tons of fun.

Supplies Needed:

A board to put your artwork on (we cut one from wood fragments in our garage, ours were roughly 7” square) cut to your preferred size, any wood will do. We also used a wood letter cutout that you could pick up at a craft store. My daughter Camryn did the letter S for our last name.

String or yarn in the colors you would like to create with.

• Small nails and a hammer

Find a pattern

We searched for string art patterns online and printed out what we liked.

Make the outline

We then pounded in the nails along the edges of the pattern.

Start stringing!

Double knot the string on the first nail and start weaving between the nails. Be creative: you can make the string thick or thin within your pattern and change colors for added detail.

Get creative! Choose different thicknesses of the materials you use (yarn or string), and experiment. A craft store will have lots of different varieties to choose from.

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