Kids These Days-Where Syracuse teens spend their time

Whether they’re driving from Syracuse High or walking from Syracuse Junior High, kids are a lifeblood of Syracuse City. During the summer and after school, the youth flood the city to have some fun, enjoying the warm sun and the freedom to do what they love. Most teens gravitate towards several spots in Syracuse to have a good time.

• The Rush Funplex:

If you’re looking for fun summer activities, look no further than the Rush Funplex. For kids and teens, the most popular attractions are the Go-Karts and the Foam Pit. With an update in attractions in December, The Rush has put even more fun into the Funplex. If you’re looking for a calm day with low wait times, try for the middle of the week and avoid Saturdays. Raynei Gertee, a manager, said. “Most people don’t know we are family owned. We strive to bring the best venue for everyone that we can.”

• Fiiz:

If you’re looking for a way to cool down this summer, just take a stroll into Fiiz. The soda concoctions will keep you cool and warm your heart. Some of their most popular drinks are Chandler Bing, North Shore, and Summer Night. They are busiest from 3-5, and if you would like to skip the lines they have Happy Hour discounts from 5-7 nightly. The store manager, Justin Hamelin, spoke about his experience working at Fiiz, “The people who come in are amazing. We’re lucky to be part of such a wonderful community. We really get to know our regulars – we know their drinks, their summer plans, graduation dates, and even when some of them are having babies. There’s not a better place to work.”

• Syracuse Stadium 6:

Many teens go over to Syracuse Stadium 6 to catch a movie. Brianna Morton, a manager at the theater, said, “The most popular genre of movies for that demographic are horror movies. A Quiet Place and Happy Death Day were among the favorites.” If you’re looking to catch a movie without teens filling the seats, you should avoid times right after school. With their Summer Movie Program, kids can grab a quick show and some delicious popcorn to go with it.

• The Syracuse Library:

In the summer, the Syracuse/Northwest Branch Library is teeming with kids participating in the summer reading program, themed “Libraries Rock”. With so many readers and activities, the library has been holding their activities at the Syracuse Community Center for more space. Activities have included a DrumBus for kids, having SeaQuest bring animals to see and pet, a Bollywood dancer performance, and a magic show. Library cards are free at your branch with proof of address and the activities are free to card holders.

Kids who read a total of 10 hours this summer and fill out their tracker (pick-up at the library) will be able to earn a free book between August 13 and 25.

• Wendy’s:

Wendy’s is popular across the country, but the Syracuse store has someone special at its heart, Cindy Christensen. She knows all the kids who come in by name, from elementary to high school. Many of them have brought her graduation announcements, lifesavers, letters, and cards. Her kindness has touched the lives of many and have made her shift a popular time to pop in for food.

“This is the greatest town I’ve ever lived in,” said Christensen. “The people and the kids are so open hearted and respectful. They bring in cards and letters and just come to say hi, even in the freezing cold and in this heat. The people here are so considerate. I treat these kids like my own children and I love them all so much.”

Some of the kids come from Layton High and other schools from the county on their lunch break to see her, even at the chance it could make them late.

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