Oasis Montessori School

The Oasis Montessori schools have a rich history of caring for and teaching children. Kanchana and Ramesh fell in love with the Montessori schooling as they raised their children. Kanchana Duwe taught high school using the Montessori approach for about 15 years before she and her husband, Ramesh Wettasinghe, decided they wanted to open their own Montessori preschool. Living in California at the time, they started looking for communities that might make a good place for an early education preschool.

Utah became their first choice for their new school, and they have made Syracuse their home since 2014. They quickly filled all of the available spots in their school, so they moved to their current location in 2016 and currently utilize the entire building and are expanding again, starting construction on an additional building to be opened late next year. The reason for their success and growth is because of their focus on quality educational programing.

Most preschools are not organized with a proven approach that prepares children for success in school. The Montessori approach is different, it focuses on individual, hands-on, behavioral and social skills. Started more than 100 years ago, Montessori programing is used all over the world. It begins with the assumption that all children are naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in the right environment. That right environment is exactly what Oasis Montessori creates for their students.

Montessori educational approaches have specialized high standards, and Kanchana is AMI certified, which is the highest status you can attain in Montessori Educational programs. With this certification, Kanchana and Ramesh developed the first school in the U.S. under the Oasis brand. The success they have had is incredible and it is because of the quality of their programs.

Oasis Montessori offers preschool and educational focused daycare programs for age groups from 3 months to 6 years old. They are the only licensed commercial per school in Syracuse and the only “High Quality Preschool” certified by the State of Utah in Davis County. By being awarded the state recognition of a High-Quality Certification, Oasis Montessori became eligible for several grants offered by the state. Schools offering quality educational programing get access to extra funding from the state. This funding can be used to expand their programs so that more children in the State of Utah can receive this level of care and education. By hiring instructors and caregivers that are trained in the Montessori approaches, they also make sure they are not just a day care. In fact there are no screens for kids to get plopped in front of, they are involved in active learning play instead. They also offer an Extended Day program for 1st through 6th grade, with transportation available. For the best available preschool programs in the area, visit Oasis Montessori Preschool off of 2000 W, just north of the Onions 52 buildings.

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