Precious Pets

Peaches and Peanut

My name is Megan Stout. I am 11 years old and have two dogs. Their names are Peaches and Peanut. Peaches we think is about eight years old. Peanut is 7 months old.

Peaches is a Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix breed. We got her from the shelter 5 years ago. They told us that she came from New Mexico and had five babies that they were adopting out. She is mostly white with light brown spots. Her ears are big bat-like ears that are very soft. Peaches is very friendly, soft, energetic, and funny. She does what we call the “Peaches Dance.” It’s where she gets on her back and wiggles and moves her legs like crazy. Peaches can jump through a high hoop and she obeys really well. Peaches will sit by the door and shake because she wants to come inside.

Peanut is a Miniature Sheltie. She is brown and white with black on her tail. We got her from our grandma. She is one of three from a litter, she was the only girl. She is very energetic and loves to bark. To get your attention she will nip at your pant leg. I am trying to train Peanut to jump through the hoop. She’s been trained to pee outside, sit, lay down, and to not walk on the carpet. We are working on getting her to not bark so much.

I love my pets because they play with me when no one is around. They are very soft, do funny things together, and love to snuggle. My favorite thing about them is when they are making me laugh and when they sleep, because Peanut will sleep on Peaches instead of in her bed. I don’t like when Peanut bites Peaches ears or cleaning up the poop.   

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