Syracuse Farmers Market

There is nothing quite so delicious as fresh grown, straight from the farm, produce. Local famers work hard to cultivate their land and grow the nutritious fruits and vegetables that are available for purchase at our very own Syracuse Farmers Market. The local market here has moved around a bit but has now made its permanent home at the Centennial Park. Market organizer Noah Steele has made efforts to keep a hometown feel at the market. The only vendors allowed are local farmers and hand crafted businesses selling product.


We stopped by a couple of weeks ago and one of our favorites was a local honey vendor. Homer’s Honey is harvested locally with no chemicals. We also saw a booth of home made baby blankets and burp cloths from a Syracuse native. You could grab some freshly made kettle corn and listen to the live entertainment as well. The best part by far was the beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here on local farms. Come out and support our local market.

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