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Question: How do we get access to city records?

Answer:  There are many ways to get information from the City.

First, a public record request may be submitted to the department that keeps the record. Record request forms are available online and at city offices, or you may generate your own. Second, a request may be submitted to the City Recorder, regardless of the department that keeps it. Third, a request may be electronically filed through a Utah website:

Some of our records contain private or confidential information, so your request may be denied, or the record may be redacted to remove that information. The City cannot produce records kept by other agencies – for instance, we cannot provide copies of title information which is kept by the County Recorder. Also, the City does not retain records indefinitely.

Usually there are fees associated with providing copies of records, so that the taxpayers do not have to shoulder the cost of individual requests.

Much information is online, such as the city code or council packets. And financial data, including salary information, is provided to the state, which publishes it at

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