Help Keep Our Students Safe

School is back in session and Syracuse Police Department is reminding drivers to slow down and be aware of crosswalks, bus stops and intersections. On 2000 West, in front of the Junior High and Elementary School, is the H.A.W.K. or High Intensity Activated Crosswalk. This is designed to help make it safer for the pedestrians to get across the street by letting drivers know there is someone waiting to cross. During school hours, there will also be a crossing guard at this intersection. Please remember to stop when the lights are red; when the lights are blinking red, stop, check the crosswalk, and then proceed with caution if the crosswalk is clear.

There are also crosswalks at major intersections. Please do not stop in these crosswalks. If you stop in a crosswalk, not only is it illegal, but it makes it very difficult for those trying to cross the street. They then must walk into traffic to walk around your vehicle.  Also, if there are people in the crosswalk with a crossing guard, you must wait until they are completely clear of the crosswalk and the crossing guard lowers their sign before you can proceed; this applies even if you are planning to make a right-hand turn.

Please see the school S.N.A.P. (Student Neighborhood Access Program) for further information regarding safe walking routes to and from school for your children. This information is typically found on the school’s website.

Last, but not least, please remember to stop for a school bus when its red lights are flashing and the stop sign is out. In residential areas and non-divided highways (1000 West for example) vehicles in both directions must stop for a school bus when its red lights are flashing and the stop sign is out.

Working together, we can make this a safe year for all our school-age children; remember, look out because school’s in.

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