A Big Thank You to Business Owner Who Cares About His Neighbors

Anyone who has driven by Earthworks at 2751 S. 1000 W. recently knows just how brilliant they are at what they do, as recent improvements to the property have proven that fact without question. However, with their skill, their business was compelled by Federal requirements to see that all of their work related vehicles were equipped with back up alarm systems, also known by the “beep” “beep” sounds that can easily be heard from a mile away or more.

Obviously, these are totally understandable safety measures and Earthworks simply could not uninstall these alarms. But with some research it was discovered that there existed an OSHA compliant alarm system that had been designed to eliminate the piercing sounds of the “beeps” with a new sound that is referred to as a “white noise” back-up alarm.

Jason Bingham, co-owner of Earthworks was willing to look into this and at his company’s time and expense, purchased these new and far better alarm systems for the heavy equipment they use throughout the summer and will be doing so come winter with their snow removal services and the vehicles that will then be in use.

The new white noise alarms are just as promised; a kind of alarm sound that replicates possibly a blast or spray of water and blends in easily with the many ambient sounds that surround our often busy streets and the airspace above. The improvement has been impressive, especially to those who have been impacted the most by the previous alarm system.

Our thanks go out to Jason and Jeremy Bingham of Earthworks, who have been approachable and kind in their consideration of those who live anywhere within a mile radius of their business.

Kaye Volk

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