Precious Pets


This energetic Yorkie/Jack Russell mix enjoys wedding the garden, watching TV and traveling.

Nearly two years ago we purchased a cute six week old puppy. She is half Yorkie and half Jack Russell.  She is a fun, energetic dog with the wonderful personalities of both breeds. She loves other animals and people.

One of her favorite things is watching “Dog TV” on YouTube with her human daddy.  She helps weed the flower garden and the yard. When we stick the weeding tool in the ground to cut the roots, she pulls out the weed and attacks it! She also goes crazy when we open the shed door by attacking the door because of the noise it makes when opening. She loves to run with people.

We have runners go past our home and if we don’t have Molly held captive, she goes to the street and runs with the person. We love having her in our lives and being a part of the family. She has her own car seat so she can look out the window when we travel. Besides loving to go with us wherever we go, Molly always makes us happy and we laugh at her on a daily basis.

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