Public Works Updates

Tree Trimming

Protect your trees that extend over the sidewalks and roadways from being damaged by vehicles and pedestrians. When pruning trees, remember 7-11: you must allow a clearance of 7 feet over a sidewalk and 11 feet over a street. With this clearance, it allows service vehicles such as garbage trucks, mail delivery, and street maintenance vehicles full access and increases visibility to traffic signs and street lamps on the street. As an added bonus to you, trimming trees while the leaves are still attached to the branches will reduce the number of leaves that must be raked up off the ground in the fall.

If you need help, reach out to neighbors, church groups, scouts, or the Syracuse Serves Facebook page. Trimmings can be placed in the green waste can for curbside pickup or taken to Wasatch Integrated Waste in Layton for $5/pickup truck with proof of residency.

Properly storing and disposing of materials greatly reduces the potential for environmental contamination. With a change in the weather coming soon, it’s a great time to cover up, contain, secure and properly store any kind of potential pollutants to prevent it from going into a storm drain.  All containers should be closed when not in use. They should be stored off the ground and under cover to be protected from the outside elements. Be sure to properly label the containers and make it legible. Any chemicals, petroleum, fertilizers should be stored with a second containment. Let us all do our part by protecting our water source.

Water Survey

The Utah Division of Water Resources is engaged in a study to determine water efficiency potential by region. The result of this study will be new regional and statewide water efficiency goals. Your input is an important part of this process. Please fill out the following survey to help gain the regional context needed.

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