The Miss Davis County Scholarship Pageant

Miss Davis County is a renowned scholarship that many women compete in each year. This pageant precedes the competition for Miss Utah. Of the seven young women that competed, two are residents of Syracuse and have been named Miss Teen Syracuse and Miss Syracuse, respectively. Brynlie Green was crowned Miss Teen Syracuse 2017 and Mariah Pickard was crowned Miss Syracuse 2017. Both have served their community through their platforms and have helped the City in numerous ways.

Pageants are often criticized, but both Miss Syracuse and Miss Davis County have high standards that include service and scholarship that set the bar high and the contestants rose to meet the challenge. “Scholarship pageants like Miss Davis County and Miss Syracuse are so important for girls in our community. We learn so many skills from participating in pageants,” said Green. “I watched Miss Davis County 2018 be crowned, and watched her involvement in the community, and I want to have the same involvement and cause for change in Davis County.”

Many of the girls on stage on August 11 are striving toward a higher education degree and the pageant has helped them learn skills that will carry them further toward the future that they hope to see while they assist in building a strong and healthy community. “Competing in a pageant is so much more than winning a crown and sash,” said Pickard. “The Miss Davis County Pageant is a scholarship pageant ran under the Miss America Organization. The MAO is one of the nation’s largest scholarship providers for young women and the generous scholarships I have received have assisted me in pursuing my educational goals.”

“Miss Davis County is an important figure as she is meant to be a leader in every aspect. She should be inspiring people to take on the characteristics that the Miss America program teaches us: Style, Service, Scholarship, and Success,” said Green. Though the competition is fierce and the criteria strict, it builds the girls’ confidence in themselves and they help build each other. “We learn so many skills from participating in pageants, as well as from the girls that are chosen as Miss Davis County.”

Pickard was crowned 2nd attendant to Miss Davis County and Green was given with the Social Media award. Green adds, “I encourage the young women of Syracuse to consider competing in a pageant even if they do not consider themselves a ‘pageant girl’. I have gained so much through my involvement in both the Miss Syracuse and Miss Davis County pageants. I truly believe that I am the woman I am today because of these organizations. Thank you to Syracuse City for allowing me to serve you for the past few years and I am honored to continue to represent the City I love and call home.”

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