Things that make you crazy after an accident! Auto Insurance 101

A-Insurance Agencies

1. Finding out something is not covered by your policy: Two of the biggest issues after even a basic auto accident are Towing/Emergency Roadside Service and Rental Car Reimbursement while your vehicle is being repaired. Neither of these coverages are expensive, but since they are not required on an auto policy people often don’t add the coverage and don’t realize it until they need the coverage. It can make things very inconvenient when you do NOT have coverage after an accident.

2. Comprehensive Coverage: Just because you have a “liability only” vehicle does not mean you can’t still have comprehensive coverage on the policy. This covers hail, flood, theft, hitting an animal like a deer, vandalism, glass and windshield, fire and things falling on the car. The cost is minimal. As an example, my father in-law was insured years ago with another carrier and the agent did not offer him comprehensive coverage, and when his 92 Ford F250 was stolen, he got nothing. He was shocked to find out he could have had coverage for $12 per year on that truck!

3. Accessory Coverage: A couple of years ago I bought a new truck for the agency, it is bright red with the A Insurance logo on it. Like most vehicle owners, after I bought it I added some accessories! I put company logos on it, a bed cover for the back, a bed liner, a bug guard and side rails so my wife is able get in and out easier. Some people buy custom rims & tires, lift kits, stereo, tv’s, custom paint and all the extras for the engine like a computer chip, and an exhaust. None of these are factory items and are added on after the purchase.


Typically the auto policy will cover only factory equipment, unless you add coverage for your aftermarket additions by listing them or adding an additional dollar amount to your policy. If you don’t, there is a good chance your accessories are not covered like you think they are. The cost to add more coverage is much less than you might think. On my own truck, I have added $1,000 in accessory coverage and the cost is $15 a year. I have a client that has a 2011 Jeep with $11,000 in accessories. The added cost to have this covered is $220 a year, a small price to pay so that you can be fully restored to your original vehicle or something similar.

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