Art Activities Monday Fun Day: Photo Wall Decor

I found this project on Pinterest a few years back. Having pictures of your family in your home is so fun but can be quite expensive, especially if you try and keep the photographs up to date. I don’t know about you, but my kids grow like weeds. I love this approach because it is inexpensive and I can update the photos as often as I like.

I originally used Staples and had a great experience. On various websites they suggest you call ahead and make sure they offer this service. Some printers do not like printing pictures on engineering paper because it doesn’t hold up as long, but I have had great success with it and I typically want to replace the photos before they wear out. I called our local Accucolor Digital Printing shop and they said they are happy to offer this service, plus the gal I spoke with was so sweet and helpful. The Prices are good and the color prints are great!

Since they are so inexpensive, you could add holiday specific pictures in your home to create a more personal touch to your decorating. You could showcase your kids trick or treating, Thanksgiving activities or pictures in last year’s Christmas jammies.


Supplies Needed

  • Picture printed on engineering paper
  • Foam boards
  • Scotch tape


Printing Instructions

Go to Make sure to ask for prints on the 20 lb size paper or plain paper. If you need help, call them at 801-779-2420


Black & White Prices

18×24 – $6.75

24×36 – $13.50

36×48 – $27.00


Colored prices

18×24 – $7.50

24×36 – $15.00

36×48 – $30.00


I recommend taking your picture with you after you have it printed to Walmart or Target and holding it up to the foam boards so you can buy the right size. You will want the print overlap on all four sides so the picture goes all the way to the edge. You will fold the print around the foam board and tape to the back. If you do the largest size, you will need to tape two foam boards together to reach that size.


Place it on a table or clean surface face down. Put the foam board on the inside and gently fold the corners over the board tightly. I used regular clear scotch tape to hold them down. Turn around and voila, you’re done. We hung ours up in our house using tiny nails and hammered them into the wall, or rested them on shelves. They look great!

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