Behind the Book, Cathedral of Time

The author of Cathedral of Time, Stephen Thorpe, is a Syracuse native. Born and raised in Syracuse, Stephen, his wife Maria, and their two kids returned shortly after 9/11. His brother-in-law and many other friends narrowly escaped the attack on the Pentagon and other friends were witnesses of the DC sniper attacks.

“I knew Syracuse was a great place to raise a family, so we were excited to come back,” said Stephen.

A few years after returning, Stephen began to think about developing a new video game. He began to write the storylines to the different levels when he realized that he had a large word count. “As a History major in college, I always thought there were so many fun ways kids could learn about history. A video game would be a great way for them to have fun in the process. So, I started writing the storyline for the different levels of a game that would encompass my love for history, mythology, fantasy, and urban legends. When I finished, I looked at the word count and realized I had almost half as many words as a Harry Potter book. I told my wife, ‘I think I’m writing a book!’”

Stephen spent two years working with editors, working on honing his craft.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon or

The first draft of book two, The Pyramid of Skulls is in progress. Stephen is also working on his video game “Revenge of the Praetorian”. The development of “Revenge of the Praetorian” can be viewed at as updates on the games progress are posted there and on the Facebook page for the game.

The back cover of his book reads as follows:

Ghostly sightings of a legendary murderer.

The discovery of a hidden stash from a bank robbery.

The disappearance of a well-known TV personality, and the most prominent family in town entangled in all of it.

Makayla Brown’s ideal life is about to be blown to smithereens. She’ll need to race across space and time, plunging herself into another world in hopes of saving her own.

When Makayla disappears off the face of the Earth, the dedication of her two best friends, Tanner and Andrew, will be tested as they attempt to follow her trail through a dangerous new world and encounter beasts and beings the likes of which they’ve never seen.

Will they reach Makayla in time to rescue her from certain death and bring her safely home, or will they be doomed to spend eternity in their new world, sealed by the rule of the fates?

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