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What do Donovan Mitchell and a 13-year-old golden retriever from Syracuse have in common? They’ve both been featured on Jazz games, and they both get thousands of likes on Twitter!

Levi is a very special dog who has lived in Syracuse most of his life. His family adopted him at one-year-old, and was unprepared for how much he’d touch their lives. It was a little rough at first, with him anxiously chewing up EVERY piece of furniture he had access to – including a couch, the walls, and bed posts – and running away every chance he got. But surviving the difficult puppy moments was well worth it, because in time he’s grown to be one amazing dog.

His prized possession is his blanket. That blanket means the world to him, and he doesn’t go anywhere without it. He holds it between his paws, and sucks on it like a baby binky. The poor blanket is covered in fur, and ripped to shreds – just the way he likes it.

Not only is he loved greatly by his family here in Syracuse, but he is quite the celebrity as well. His resume includes the following accomplishments:


Had his photo in a Jazz jersey featured on a televised game, where commentators referred to him as “Air Bud”

Was featured on the wildly popular Twitter account WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) where he was given a 13/10 rating –  the tweet received over 22,000 likes and nearly 3,000 shares!

Starred in a short film for USU called “The Best Dog in the World,” which was voted as the best video of the semester

His family is very proud of his fame, but even more so, feels so lucky to have his love and companionship. He truly is the best dog in the world.

In loving memory of Levi Q. Dog 07/04/05 – 08/03/18

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