Crystal Hot Springs

Tucked at the base of the mountains just east of Honeyville, Utah is a world renowned mineral hot spring resort called Crystal Hot Springs. I actually spent a large part of my childhood living just around the corner from the resort. It was always one of my favorite places to swim and we still enjoy visiting with our family today, especially since my parents’ ranch is just down the way.

I have wonderful memories playing at the springs while young. We would “walk” (yeah right, we ran) up the stairs to the top of the twirly slides, over and over again. We could talk, laugh and scream all the way down to the pool below. There is a waterfall in the soaker pool and an olympic pool to swim in. The best part is the water ranges from 120 – 130ºF so you can swim outdoors all year long. One of my favorite memories was swimming while it was snowing.

The water is naturally heated by the earth’s core. The water comes from a spring that is estimated to be 22,000 years old and is situated about 8,000 feet below us. The spring is so plentiful that it can fill all the pools at the resort in about 5 minutes, which is 8,400 gallons. The best part isthat while you are swimming and playing at the resort, you can also absorb some healthy minerals. Crystal Hot Springs has the highest mineral count found anywhere in the world. The minerals found in the water include: calcium, chloride, fluoride, iron, lithium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, silver, sodium, stronium, and sulfate. These minerals have been shown to help bones, blood, skin, hair, nails, brain function and many of these minerals are used in antidepressants.

I recently went on a field trip with my daughter’s school class and learned that they remodeled everything recently and it looks very nice. These waters have been utilized for many many years. It is estimated that the Native Americans gathered together to spend time at the springs and tell stories for 450 generations. After that time, Chinese railroad workers would come to the area to soak in cedar tubs and relax hosted by a local bee farmer in Honeyville.

The springs were opened as a business in 1901 then called Madsen Hot Springs. I also learned that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was an avid springs enthusiast. He started a rehabilitation program where he would send soldiers who had been wounded in World War II to springs across the country. Crystal Hot Spring was one of those springs and helped hundreds of soldiers over a three year period. Today many people regularly use the healing waters of hot springs as a place to get relief from aches and pains.

Today as you walk down the big hallway leading to the dressing rooms or pool entrance you can see pictures lining the walls from over the years of people enjoying the springs. My favorites are those of women in the 50-60’s. I love seeing the hair styles and swimming suits. They look so happy hanging by the pool with their friends and family.

Crystal Hot Springs has a family night on Wednesdays from 4 PM to 10 PM where you can pay $20 for a family of six (Swim only) or $25 to swim and go down their fun slides. I recommend the extra $5. This is a great way to have fun, enjoy the fall air, and relax and rejuvenate.

If you go:

• Family night is Wednesday; for just $20 for a family up to 6

• Newly remodeled

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