The Ice Cream Parlor

In the years around 1905 and 1906, Charles and Evelyn Barber had an ice cream parlor in the southeast room of the Charles Barber home, which is located one mile south and about a hundred yards east of the Syracuse Church. Charley and Eva spent Saturday afternoons freezing the ice cream in a hand freezer and stored it in a packer to keep it until Sunday afternoon. As soon as sacrament meeting was over, which was held from 2 PM to 4 PM, the parlor was opened and the young people gathered there, coming by horses and buggies.

People seated themselves at a long table and were served a large dish of ice cream and a piece of cake for 10 cents. Charley and Eva also had a display case filled with candy and gum. These items sold for 5 cents each. The parlor was very popular because it and one other store, run by Homer Walker, were the only places to go for refreshments in the entire area.

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