Making Dreams Come to Life

During the months of October and November there have been many events for the five children in Syracuse that have qualified for one of their wishes to be granted by the Make-A-Wish Utah foundation. 

The Syracuse Police Department has set a goal to raise $25,000 dollars by December 10th, when their final event will take place – Guns n’ Hoses. This will be a basketball game that takes place at Syracuse High. All are invited. 

Two of the families and children were interviewed about their experience with Make-A-Wish, Nathan and Kendalyn.  

Nathan loves to play video games, especially Minecraft and Star Wars Battle Front. He also enjoys hanging with his friends and playing flag football. 

His football coach noticed a lump that was on Nathan’s neck. His parents took him to the doctor, after which he was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas last year.

When Nathan found he was able to make a wish, he wished to go to Microsoft Studios in Washington to create a video game. He would love to be a video game developer when he grows up, and this will help him now and then. 

Nathan and his family have been to see the “Wishing Wizard” and formally cast his wish. He is a sweet and loving boy who is fighting hard to overcome the cancer.

Kendalyn is a three-year-old who loves ballet, dress up, princesses, and mermaids. She loves all dancing but enjoys ballet the most because she likes the twirling and wearing tutus. 

With her love of dancing and princesses, she wished to go to Disney World and meet all her favorite princesses. She will also get to go to Sea World and see mermaids that are on site. 

Kendalyn has a gastrointestinal disorder and a chronic lung disease. She carries a backpack with her so that she can receive breathing treatment through the port on her chest. 

These two families are just some of those who help to make the lives of children with chronic illnesses and cancers easier.

There is an idea that Make-A-Wish only grants wishes to children who are terminally diagnosed, and that is not always the case. Children with chronic illnesses or other types of diseases may also qualify for a wish. 

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