Local Author Spotlight: John Lott

Syracuse houses many creative minds, one of them being John Lott. He has written four series, with three of them still in progress. 

Mr. Lott isn’t only an author; he has been a teacher for 14 years and currently teaches sixth grade at Wasatch Peak Academy. “I love to bounce ideas off the kids [I teach]. If they don’t understand it, then I know I need to go back and rewrite it. I feel like it helps to know the kids. I feel like sometimes I write with too much assuming,” said Mr. Lott.

When Mr. Lott isn’t helping his students learn, he is writing. He enjoys science fiction and history and tries to incorporate those into his novels. He also has a series based in time travel – the best of both worlds. 

“I thought of my way that time travel would work and started drawing from that. The story tells me where it wants to go,” he said. 

With his work being self-published, there comes new challenges that authors that are able to publish through larger companies don’t have. “It’s a lot of work. I have to do all the footwork. I do all the advertising. If I want illustrations, I have to rely on other people’s time tables. When I’m writing, I’m also the only editor.”

With the many challenges, it can’t be difficult to see why someone would want to put forth so much effort. “I wanted to put my name on it. I wanted people to see my name and know I was an author. I thought it was cool for people to know me through my ideas.”

Students of the Month-both Syracuse Arts Academy Antelope Elementary

Lyla Wilson is a sixth grade student at Syracuse Arts Academy- Antelope Elementary. She always has a positive attitude with everyone and is always smiling. She takes pride in what she does and is willing to help.  Lyla is a natural leader with excellent leadership skills. She accepts responsibility without being asked or prompted. She is a member of our show choir and has had main parts in our school plays. Lyla also participates in gymnastics outside of school. Lyla was nominated and chosen as a member of our student leaders by our 5th and 6th grade teachers. She helps with the recycling program at the school. Lyla is an excellent student and works hard in all academic areas. She is a peer helper within her classroom. She has great attendance and have received an Honors for citizenship multiple times. 

 Evan McQuarrie is a sixth grade student at Syracuse Arts Academy-Antelope Elementary. Evan is always ready to help others. He is often observed including other students in a game of basketball. Evan has great leadership skills. He can quickly recognize when someone needs help and does not hesitate to act.  He is a member of the band. You can always find him playing sports, especially basketball. Evan was nominated and chosen as a member of our Student Leaders by our 5th and 6th grade teachers. He helps with the recycling program at school. Evan is a great example of excellence in academics and social situations. He is always willing to help. He has great attendance and has received an Honors for citizenship in the classroom multiples times. 

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