Public Works Updates

Public Works Updates

Frozen Water Pipes: Freezing outdoor temperatures can cause water lines to freeze. Here are a few simple precautions to avoid burst pipes: 

• Insulate exposed pipes and hose bibs

• Disconnect garden hoses

• Seal leaks

• Let water drip overnight

• Open cabinet doors to allow heat to get to uninsulated pipes under sinks near exterior walls


Often we think that water pollution only comes from big oil spills or huge factories. We forget that there are lots of little sources of pollution all around us. Stormwater from cities can become very polluted. Oil drips on driveways, fertilizers on lawns, loose dirt in areas with no plants, or dog poop can all be carried by stormwater to a drain and on to a lake or stream.

Christmas tree pick up: January 7, 2019. Live Christmas trees need to be placed on the curb by 6:00 AM January 7th for pick up. All lights and ornaments must be removed, and tree must be placed on top of any snow.


  1. Our tree was never picked up today. Was put out last night so it was definitely there before 6am. Not sure who to contact about this…

  2. My tree along with several of my neighbors trees are still waiting to be picked up. This is the second year in a row that I have had to reach out about getting my tree picked up. If this service is gonna be offered please make sure all streets are hit. My tree has been on my curb since December 26th!

  3. This is a service performed by Robinson Waste. If your tree was missed, please call Robinson Waste Dispatch at 801-825-3800 and let them know. Also, for other questions related to City services, please send a message through the City’s Facebook page or just go to the website at and click on the “Fix it Request” button.

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