Awards for Excellence

 Sponsored by the Syracuse Chamber of Commerce and Rentmeister

“Syracuse City Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence”

In order to recognize outstanding students and athletes in Syracuse, the Community and Economic Development Department has developed the Syracuse City Chamber of Commerce Award for Excellence. This monthly award recognizes the outstanding performance of male and female students who excel in athletics, arts and/or academics. The individuals selected for this award will be identified by Syracuse City in partnership with representatives from the local recreation department, and local elementary schools, junior high schools, and high schools.

Kemuel is a very intelligent student and is a great leader. He is serving as the Student Body President and has been a student body officer since 7th grade. This year as president he is responsible for running ASB meetings, leading his peers, speaking in assemblies to the school and staff, and making decisions that are positive and meaningful. He takes his role seriously and with a leading hand. Kemuel has participated in multiple community service acts in his three years as a student body officer. These include working at the Layton and Ogden food banks and supporting service projects at the school. He is enjoyed and liked by his fellow students as a leader and his teachers for his knowledge and attitude in the classroom. He has done debate club, he is a TA for choir, and plays the guitar. He is kind and compassionate and you will find him in class helping those who struggle to succeed. He is an excellent student and hard worker and is dedicated to his school work. Learning and doing his best are important to him. Our greatest thinkers and innovators are those who know what questions to ask, and Kemuel asks probing questions that show a mind seeking a much more profound and nuanced understanding. Kemuel is always willing to have a stimulating intellectual conversation with his classmates. This is a big contribution, since conversing over material learned is necessary for retention. Kemuel is also always positive, willing to help others, well mannered, and gracious to all.

Kemuel has a 4.00 GPA overall. He is in Honors English 9, Physics, and has accelerated in math to Secondary 2 taking the class online. Kemuel is involved in student government, debate club, guitar, student service projects, and the spook alley. 

Chloe is an especially hard working student tackling problems head on with a clear head and a mature attitude. Chloe is an ambassador at the school and part of student leadership. She has been involved with multiple community service opportunities as a student in leadership. She contributes to the school by helping others with understanding information and guidance. Chloe is also upbeat and spirited to have in the classroom. She works with other students as a peer tutor, supporting students who are struggling academically. Chloe is a very accomplished student who is always eager to learn. She sets an awesome example of high academic and personal standards for all to see.

Chloe contributes to her school with projects in the Ambassador Class. These include recycling, creating a positive school climate through recognition of students, supporting school service projects, and many others. Chloe has a 4.00 GPA and is in Honors Secondary Math 1, Honors English 9, Physics, and Band 3. She has been involved in band for three years, ambassadors for two years, and peer tutoring. 

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