Community Question Corner

Community Question Corner

Question: Where do I report problems or dangerous conditions that I see in the City?

Answer:  When it comes to identifying dangerous conditions, we need your help. City staff only have so many sets of eyes; we can always use more!  If you see something dangerous – like a raised sidewalk, a loose manhole cover, or a fallen road sign – don’t assume that we know about it.

The best way to notify us about dangerous conditions is our online Fix It Request tool, found on Once you’ve notified us of a dangerous condition, you can check the progress of your request. A City representative might contact you – or once they see the problem, they may just fix it!

Some problems, like nuisance or noisy conditions, require the attention of police or code enforcement. 

Problems related to state roads, canals, or sewer districts should be directed to those entities.

If you see problems that affect the entire community, you might want to direct your concerns toward your elected officials. They generally aren’t at City Hall, so you should contact them via email or phone numbers listed on our website at

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