Students of the Month

Lainee Hamblin

Why is Lainee being nominated for this award? 

Top Character

Top Student 3.714 GPA

Staff Favorite

What makes Lainee unique?

Shy but helpful

Cares about others – Supports students with special needs

Helps others with their homework

What extra curricular activities is Lainee involved in?  

City Recreation Softball – Award Recipient

Syracuse Junior High School Volleyball Team

Competition Basketball



How has Lainee contributed to her school or community? 

Church Service

Peer Tutor – Working with the students in Functional Skills

Positive Influence to All

Lainee is a solid student with OUTSTANDING character!

Jared Hunter

Why is Jared being nominated for this award?

Outstanding Character

Top Student

Top Athlete

What makes Jared unique?

Gentle Giant – Seeks out those who need friends and spends time with them

Goes the extra mile to do well in all areas of his life

Does his homework without parental reminders

What extra-curricular activities is Jared involved with? 

Participates in church youth leadership and service

Baseball – Received city recognition for excellence on a championship team

Syracuse Junior High basketball team

Member of SJH Jazz Band

How has Jared contributed to his school or community

Completing his Eagle Scout award – Project remaining

Summer Work – Lawn cutting with his brothers

High School Cross Country Team participant as a freshman  2018-2019

Jared is also currently earning all “A” grades. 

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