Business Beat: Rentmeister Total Home Service

By Christie Fewkes

Don Rentmeister, a Syracuse native, started the company in 1978 and still adhere’s to their mission statement, “Our Family’s Committment to Your Family’s Comfort”.

The Rentmeister family knows what it means to serve the Syracuse community. Don Rentmeister, founder of Rentmeister Total Home Service, was born and raised here in Syracuse. He established the company as we know it now in 1978. Since then, Don and his family have expressed a love and commitment to this community that remains unparalleled. Don enjoyed serving the citizens of Syracuse through his years of service on the city council and through the Syracuse Museum and Cultural Center. Currently owned and operated by Don’s children, Russell and Ryan, the Rentmeister family continues Don’s legacy by being involved in the many community projects that benefit the citizens of this great city. 

One of our favorite ongoing community projects has been Chloe’s Sunshine Playground, located in Centennial Park near 1800 S 2000W in Syracuse. Inspired by Chloe Bennett, a local child with limited mobility due to Cerebral Palsy, the playground is fully accessible for children of all abilities.  Each year Rentmeister provides the Syracuse Days breakfast to raise funds for continued support of this project. This summer, the playground will have a new splash pad and picnic areas for the children and their families to enjoy. 

 “Our Family’s Commitment to Your Family’s Comfort” is the mission statement of Rentmeister Total Home service. This family-owned and operated business has been providing homeowner comfort and quality service for over 40 years from the same location in Syracuse, Utah. Currently serving homes throughout the Davis, Weber and Salt Lake County areas, we are proud to say we treat every customer like family. 

It is that time of year when the weather can take a toll on your home systems. Here are some tips to keep your home systems in peak operating condition during winter: 


Inspect your water heater and connections. Chances are that you don’t look at it every day. If there is rusting or signs of corrosion, call a professional for evaluation. 

What’s the temperature of your water heater? It’s standard for a water heater to be set to 140°F but the best temperature to set your system at is around 120°F—this is best for optimal efficiency and energy savings.


Regularly scheduled maintenance is the most important thing to keep your furnace performing at its best through the winter months. This allows a professional technician to inspect, clean or adjust any components that will keep your air flowing smoothly

If you are using a basic manual thermostat, consider upgrading to a digital thermostat. Taking this one step further and getting a programmable system ensures you have total control over your home’s temperature, allowing you to heat your home more efficiently. Additionally, setting your thermostat a little lower can help improve efficiency too; you could go from setting your home to 72° when you aren’t there to 68° or so.

 Perhaps you already know that running your ceiling fans during the summer can help distribute air more evenly, meaning you can turn your thermostat up a few degrees, effectively improving its efficient operation. But did you know you can use this same concept in the winter? Simply by reversing the direction of the ceiling fan blades with the flip of a switch near the lighting mount, you can help heat your living space more efficiently. 

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