When I first met my wife, she and I were both starving college students. This poorness was ever present in our grocery shopping. I would go to Melissa’s apartment and she would be eating dinner, which usually consisted of a baked potato. That was it. Sometimes, when she could afford it, she would put ketchup on the potato, but she couldn’t afford toppings. I thought she was crazy, but little did I know at the time but the potato contains all of the nutrients we need to survive, a healthy choice for my starving student wife to be.

Today potatoes have actually gotten a bit of a black eye because of how we prepare them. Deep frying for fries or chips is just one example. However, even a baked potato can be a large amount of calories when you add butter and sour cream to it. Jamie Renda, owner of Brixton’s in Ogden by the Megaplex, hatched the idea of creating delicious dishes using popular entree’s to top the potato instead of the standard butter, sour cream and chives. By doing so, she has created a very healthy, calorie-friendly meal using one of the most popular crops in the world.

They have delicious toppings for their oven baked potatoes like Chicken Alfredo (560 Calories), Chili Verde (560 calories), Pot Roast (450 calories), Thai Curry (640 calories) and Hawaiian BBQ (650 calories). Each of these is a full and filling meal and the calorie counts are better than many salads or soups. My favorite was the Chili Verde and my wife loved the Pot Roast Potato.

We also tried a couple salads. Melissa really enjoyed the Asian Sesame and I thought the summer berry with raspberry vinaigrette was awesome. The sweetness of the dressing was offset beautifully by the savory goat cheese topping the salad. Very good!

The menu also has delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. Jamie is currently on the Keto diet and she loves having a sweet potato with butter and broccoli. Many of her vegan customers like the options she has with vegetable curry and other all-vegetable options that are delicious. Plus 90% of her menu is gluten free as well, which is great for those of you who have celiac disease or are just avoiding gluten.

Jamie has also ventured out recently and started offering some sweeter options. She purchased a waffle maker and makes a southern style waffle that can be topped with many toppings from fresh fruit to more indulgent options like Nutella® and Peanut Butter. I tried the buttermilk syrup and pecans on a waffle and it was awesome, and I hear their cinnamon rolls are amazing too (probably not as calorie friendly, but yum!).

Brixton’s is a great place to grab a healthy bite without taking a bite out of your wallet. Meals average between $4 and $8. The great thing is there are lots of options for kids as well, like the waffles or mash and cheese which is mashed potatoes and melted cheddar or even a simple grilled cheese sandwich. A great place to take the family or to hit up before your next movie night at the Megaplex. Go enjoy a healthy loaded potato or have one delivered with Door Dash®!


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