Upbeat Gymnastics

Having performed and competed as a gymnast for most of her youth, Kristi Christensen knows the pure joy of being on the mat. She also knows the pressure that she felt regarding preforming at competitions. She and her husband Aaron set out to create a different kind of gymnastics center.
After her competing years, she also coached and fell in love with helping children realize the thrill of being able to perform gymnastics moves with confidence. After having five kids of her own while living in California, she took up coaching again about three years ago with a friend who owned a gym in Fresno. She was reminded how much she loves coaching and seeing the elation in the eyes of the children she coaches.
Aaron and Kristi started thinking of making a change in their life. Though they loved the sunshine and weather in California, they wanted to find a place that was more family friendly. After selling Aaron’s printing business, they started looking for where to land next. Kristi had two sisters who had recently moved to Utah and so they took an auto tour of much of the state.
During their tour, they discovered many towns that they liked but fell in love with Syracuse and the dynamic it has of being a small town that still has tons of fun stuff for the family. It is like stepping back into the 50s where the kids can play outside and there are lots of neighborhood kids to play with. Kristi says it reminds her of Sandlot when she sees all the neighborhood kids riding around the neighborhood on their bikes. Syracuse also didn’t have a gymnastics center and so they moved their family here and opened Upbeat Gymnastics.
The vision Kristi and Aaron have developed is a gymnastics center that is different from most. They encourage children from walking age to 13 years old and of all shapes and sizes to come and enjoy classes. They are a non-competition, recreation gymnastics teaching company. Their name speaks of their philosophy of building up students in a fun and upbeat way.
Gymnastics helps with other sports performance, because it helps with coordination and balance but most of all, it helps with confidence. Kristi knows that some parts of gymnastics can be intimidating and sometimes scary. However, when a child accomplishes a goal, they realize they can do hard things. This is a place where kids can come and learn courage.
The gym also has some unique business approaches. They do not have an annual fee or membership costs. It is a pay-as-you-go gym where they encourage trying it out. Aaron said that he didn’t want parents to worry about paying an annual fee if their child only stays interested for four months. This way parents can just pay as they go and only pay while they are still attending the gym.
The gym has all apparatuses; spring floor, beams, uneven bars, vault and a tumble track. They also added in a built in play place so that little siblings have a place to play while mom or dad or other family watch their student progress in the class. Right now they are offering a free class to small children under 16 months that can walk for a parent/child class. They also encourage parents to continue attending class with their child until they reach 3 when they can then be more independent. Moms love this bonding opportunity with their kids.
Upbeat Gymnastics is a great addition to the Syracuse Community and worth giving a try. Children will love the positive, fun and challenging atmosphere and will grow to love gymnastics.

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