precious pets

Inga & Vladimir
These beautiful English bulldogs under a year old came into our home just a few short months ago, yet feel like they have been apart of our family forever.
The moment we saw Inga, it was love at first sight, she came right up to us and was ready to go home. What really sealed the deal was she has the same birthday as her human sister, April 17, which is shortly approaching for her first birthday and human sister’s eighth birthday. Inga has been nothing but a perfect family member, sleeping all day long, eating, eating and did I mention eating? She has a very calm demeanor about her and loves all the neighborhood children, and will follow them around like a guard dog. She is VERY protective of her humans. Vladimir came into our lives very shorty after Inga when I assumed Inga needed a buddy because she was just so lazy and needed someone to play with while her human siblings were at school. At first Igna was very upset with us, did not like him, wouldn’t let him touch mom or dad and don’t even think about touching her sister or brother. It took her a few days to come around to the fact this little man wasn’t going anywhere and she needed to start to love him, and now they act just like siblings, fighting over toys and attention.
Vladimir is very hyper, not like your typical english bulldog, he can run all day long and takes very little naps, rarely snores and acts more like a yorkie, although he does have an appetite bigger than his sister’s.
The CRAZIEST part about Vlad is when we were registering him through the AKC his serial number pulled up and told us his birthday. You would never believe it, but he has the exact same birthday as his human brother of June 24. 

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