Animal Control Questions?

Question: Is it true that we are charged on a per call basis for Animal Control service?

Answer:  Largely, yes.

We contract with Davis County to provide animal services; and quite frankly, they are the most affordable option available to us.  As a means to provide a fair distribution of costs among all users of the system, Animal Services divides half of their budget – including saving for future capital expenses – among the contracting cities.  The division is proportional and based upon the percentage of calls that each jurisdiction generates out of the entire pool of calls for service. So, if Syracuse generated 50% of all their calls (we don’t), we would be responsible for approximately 25% of their budget (we aren’t).

Additionally, wild and nuisance animal calls – racoons, skunks, etc.  – are billed on a per call basis: over $25.00 for each call.

How much will the City be paying for Animal Services this next year?  $81,790.03.

The City lacks facilities or resources to match that service for a population pushing 30,000; hence, the Council recently renewed our agreement with Davis County.

But please be mindful to only summon animal control when it is necessary.  It might save us some money next year.

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